Core team members


David warr

Owner | Chef


David Warr is a freelance entrepreneur with over 40 years of business ownership experience. For the past 30 years he has practiced and developed business technologies that are aligned with Divine Will and Planetary Will. David believes that these easy to learn and duplicate practices can transform our lives from struggle and frustration into grace, ease, abundance and prosperity.


David whipple

Manager | Creative


DaWhipp imagines a world where individuals find deep fulfillment through accepting full responsibility for their lives. His mission in this world is to, “Live Wild, Love Honestly, Die Wise."

One of his favorite things to do is travel the world to see the Total Solar Eclipses. He plans to travel the world for the rest of his life to be under the shadow of totality and share his stories with the world.

Other creative passions include filmmaking, photography, graphic design, writing, reading, and wilderness immersion. Oh, and of course, cheffing and elixir-crafting!


Tracy Schinagel

Manager | Designer


Tracy is an energetic fun loving being with a trusting heart and passionate soul. She loves to inspire others through movement, lifestyle and vibrant nourishment. Her aim is to live a life where she can lead by example and be in service to others.