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Latté $6

gourmet light espresso with choice of milk variations $1 (rose cardamom, lavender, vanilla maple)

French press | single $3 - double $6

gourmet dark roast

Americano $4

gourmet light double espresso

not Coffee

Matcha Latté $6

traditionally prepared with choice of milk variations $1

(rose cardamom, lavender, vanilla maple)

Golden Latte $6

turmeric, cinnamon, cardamon, fennel, black pepper, choice of milk, maple syrup

(add espresso to make it a dirty golden $1)

Chai Latte $6

house-made classic spice blend, choice of milk, (caffeine free)

Spring Dragon $4

Healthiest tea on earth!


Ginger lemonade $5

fresh squeezed and ultra refreshing sweetened with honey
(add activated charcoal $1)

Spring Dragon $4

Healthiest tea on earth!

Electric Saphire $6

coconut, aloe vera, phycocyanin, stevia

Superfood Sodas $4

sparkling RO water, stevia sweetened (cherry cola, root beer, lemon-lime)




maté, chrysanthemum, mint pu erh $5)


CBD, B12, turmeric, wheat grass, aloe vera

Cold Pressed Juices $8

Amazing Grace

cucumber, celery, kale, apple, parsley

Brilliant Emerald

cucumber, celery, spinach, cilantro, shishito peppers, lime

Third Eye

carrot, apple, ginger

King Crimson

beet, pineapple, carrot, cilantro

Solar Flare

orange, grapefruit, lemon, ginger, turmeric

Deep Green

celery, cucumber, kale, chard, fennel, lemon

Blended Beverages $10

Chocolate Malted

cacao, carob, coconut, maca, mesquite, pumpkin oil

Blueberry Vibes

blueberry, banana, coconut, cashew, hemp, omega 3

Strawberry Moon

strawberry, banana, goji, schizandra, chia, hemp, omega 3

Jade Beauty

kale, banana, hemp, nut milk, chia, spirulina, pumpkin oil

Cream Dream

coconut, cashew, pea protein, lucuma, maca, maple vanilla

Mango Lassie

coconut kefir, mango, traditional Ayurvedic spices

Activator Shots $5

Warrior Mindset

for a glowing diamond mind

Dragon Detox

super immune booster

Jing City

balances and tonifies body mind and soul

Shaman Healer

strengthen your spirit and overcome stress