marianna Fisher

rejuvenation & longevity expert


Dr. Marianna Fisher is a naturopathic physician, a master of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, a certified yoga instructor, and a holistic health expert. For over 45 years, she has been studying and applying the vital relationship between food and health, so she always uses food as a primary healing tool.

Dr. Fisher is also a fasting, detox, rejuvenation and longevity expert, always committed to treating the whole as well as the cause. As such, she offers a diverse array of therapeutic tools, including nutritional evaluations, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and western herbal therapies, lymphatic massage, Chinese modalities and a variety of energy therapies. Dr. Fisher knows that, by design, “we are born to heal.”

But she also knows that healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Instead, holistic wellbeing is something we consciously create through the choices we make every day. So rather than focusing on diseases per se, her primary focus is on getting back to the basics of health and assisting her clients in building appropriate foundations for healing to occur.

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