Spirit Sweeper


Join us as a SpiritSweeper. This person is essential in the execution of our elevated restaurant vision by cleaning, organizing, and sanitizing all areas of the restaurant to ensure a presentable space for our guests. We serve “clean” food. Free of harmful toxins, genetically modified ingredients, pesticides and herbicides. Our guests know this and base their decision to join us on our commitment to cleanliness. Therefore, YOU, who insure the cleanliness standards in our restaurant have a very high bar to attain.

Here’s some things you would do:

  • The dish domain is yours to own. You will keep the restaurant running smoothly by loading, running and unloading the dish machine, and maintaining adequate levels of clean tableware at all times.

  • Monitor the dish machine at all times. Keep it clean, monitor the wash cycle to ensure it is sanitary and effective, and report any problems immediately.

  • You’re responsible for keeping the dish room stellar and organized, the kitchen floors and dining room, hallways, bathrooms mopped and sanitized, and monitoring sanitation buckets and production areas.

  • Trash removal and incidental cleaning, restocking and organizing.

  • Handle tableware carefully to prevent breakage and loss.

  • Follow proper rules of hygiene and food safety measures.

  • Be available to fill in as needed to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the restaurant including assisting other disciplines.

The ideal person for this position: Present and authentic.

Passionate about cleanliness and able to do a great job efficiently in a fast paced environment. You are dependable, authentic and consistent. You have prior restaurant experience working in a fast-paced environment, and have good English communication skills. You’re comfortable standing for long periods of time, you completely follow safety procedures and can lift up to 50lbs on a regular, consistent basis. You also don’t mind working weekends and holidays.


In addition to our fun and professional work environment, there are employee incentives, and great earnings potential. If you feel that you have all the qualifications necessary to be a dish-washing Spirit Sweeper and help us to continue our organic restaurant revolution, then apply here now!